One Way Out


It's my life - Vasia
Know your enemy - Vasia
Basket Case - Vasia
What I’ve done - Certe Volte
The Passenger - Mente Locale
Super Massive Black Hole - Mente Locale
Shut up and let me go - Mente Locale
Time is running out - Vasia
Knocking on heaven's door - Vasia
Otherside - Black Horse
It’s my life - Le grotte
Don’t Cry - Mente Locale
Zombie - Mente Locale
Knight of Cydonia - Imperia Piazza Duomo
Mentre tutto scorre - Vasia
Knights of Cydonia - Vasia
Zombie - Black Horse
Starlight - Notte Bianca Imperia
Otherside - Mente Locale
Know your enemy - Mente Locale